hi! i've put answers to some basic questions below, but please use the contact form provided under the FAQ for any questions i did not answer and/or to inquire about bookings. thanks and look forward to hearing from you. xox, tarin

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Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Dallas, Texas. 

Q.  Do you travel?

A.  Yes. I love travel. If you're interested in setting up a destination shoot, please use the contact form below.

Q.  What are your prices?

A.  Pricing varies for every shoot.  If you'd like a quote, please complete the form below and leave as much detailed information as you can (purpose of the shoot, desired dates, location ect.) very general pricing estimates are available here

Q.  What do you photograph?

A.  People, places, things, and events.  I take a ton of photos of babies, kids and families. I have shot for blogs such as Style Me Pretty, and Mothermag, I have shot product for companies like Criquet, The Little Market, and Old Navy.  I have shot weddings, birthdays, and sometimes I'm hired to photograph interiors and office buildings... I like variety. 

Q.  You're taking my picture, what should I wear? 

A.  This is probably the question I get most.  Personal opinion, I'd say stick to lighter colors but avoid solid yellows/reds/oranges.  They don't work well with lots of skin tones.  If you're having your family photographed, do not put everyone in all white or matching (it just looks a little dated).  I'm a big fan of small prints. Hope that helps! 

Q.  What is turn around time on photos?

A.  You can expect your images 1-3weeks post shoot. Sometimes sooner. 


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