wright brown newborn

always so honored to be included in those first few weeks home with a first baby. the fawning level is off the charts and i love being a witness. thanks proud parents anne and turner for having me. 

the sabins

this family just keeps getting more and more beautiful with each cousin. always love taking their photos. 

the dowell family

everything about this shoot was just beautiful- the family, the home, decor, the light, the outfits, the colors... this might be my favorite editing job of the year. i mean, look at them! 

winn twins cinco de mayo birthday

this is the second children's birthday party i've been lucky enough to shoot for the winn family. my expectations were set very high after the first, and this one did not disappoint!  cinco de mayo party complete with mariachi band, two story water slide, airbrush tattoo artists, DJ, chocolate tacos, piñatas, and margaritas of course. 


squeezed in one last family (and friends) getaway before I'm grounded to within two hours of the hospital/ littlest brother arrives, and california never disappoints.